Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to watch Cara

We have been living with diabetes for two months and there are many new obstacles that arises. On this day it was finding someone able to watch our newly diagnosed diabetic daughter and four other children for one night and a whole day.

My husband and I have six children, two of which need a little more attention then the others. Our 2 year old has a very bad peanut allergy and our 3 year old Cara is diabetic. So traveling without them has never really been an option. One late night in Feb we received a horrible phone call, my husband’s 16 year old cousin had died of an epileptic seizure. We were horrified with the news of her passing and we knew that we needed to be at the funeral which was a 5 hour drive from where we live. Our first thought was what are we going to do about Cara. We had two options bring her with us or find someone that could watch her for one night and a whole day. At first we decided to bring her with us thinking that it would be a lot easier then having to train someone to take her blood sugar and administer the insulin injections. However we were very nervous about this decision because she had never been to a funeral before and we knew that it was going to be a horribly sad and very depressing experience. With continued thought we changed our minds and asked my parents if they could watch her. My mother had been to all the diabetes training with us in the hospital and I felt confident that both, my mother and father would be able to handle it. However since Cara's diagnoses my parents stopped doing things with Cara when we were not present. They did not feel comfortable dealing with Cara and her diabetes and started to alienate her. I spoke to my mother about the importance of us attending the funeral and also the importance of having someone that knows how to care for a diabetic in our family circle. This was very important in case there ever is an emergency and I or my husband are not there for Cara. It took two days of my mother coming over to administer Cara's insulin injections and learning how to take her blood sugar and one whole day to type out step-by-step instructions on how to care for Cara in a 8 paged booklet before she was O.K. with the idea of watching Cara. We gave them all the phone numbers they needed and I called every two hours to make sure things were going O.K. and they were!

I'm so happy that we had this experience to push my parent into being more hands on with Cara and having them deal with there fears about diabetes. As well as giving me the peace of mind that if anything every did happen and I or my husband was not able to be there for Cara I have people that now know how to take care for her and a wonderful 8 paged booklet of step-by-step instructions that anyone could pick up, read and know how to care of Cara.


Wendy said...

My daughter was dx at the age of 24months...the childcare really complicated an already complicated situation.

Kudos to you for helping to build a support network and BRAVO to your parents for a job well done!

Nicole said...

Thank you and yes I'm very happy that my parents were able to step-up and face a situation that they were not comfortable with. They did a great job! :)