Saturday, May 23, 2009

The We CARA Lot team logo

I have recently been spending a lot of my nights trying to figure out the perfect logo for the We CARA Lot team t-shirts for the Telus walk to cure diabetes which is on June 14th. And I think after 11 drafts I have finally picked one!


Joanne said...

Very cute! I just read that you have 6 kids... WOW!!! How on earth do you do it? We've been talking about trying for baby number two and it scares me to death thinking about caring for a newborn, being sleep deprived and taking care of Elise's needs. We have no family here, so we'd be doing it without help.

You must have super-human energy!

Nicole said...

lol Thanks! It is crazy at times but wonderful too. I could not even imagine my life without being surrounded by my kids. Now with Cara being T1 it is like having another baby! eating every 3 hours, waking up in the middle of the night for BG checks, constantly watching over her, boy it is so much work!! We were living in Grosse Pointe MI for a little and moved back home (Canada) just before Cara was diagnosed. Thank God we moved back when we did I just could not imagine what we would have done if we did not have our family to help with watching the other kids and house work and giving us breaks at the hospital.

I don't know about super-human energy....I wish!! lol