Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9th is D blog day

Today is D blog day and I thought that it would be great to participate. So I sat down at my computer and nothing.....what to post? It seems as though I just like to post when I'm mad or excited and if I'm not either of those it is very hard for me to write. Hence, this is why I call my blog my cheap therapy.
I have never been a good writer or story teller partly because I'm dyslexic and sometimes it is hard for me to find the right word, never mind try to spell it (thank goodness for spell check). Nothing much has been going on with Cara lately a little high here and there, some ridiculous comments about owning a candy store and having a child with diabetes.....not worth my time!

So I did what I learned in grade 5 writing class brainstormed and this is what I came up with:

If you don't know my story I'm a 30 year old mother of 6. Kailyn, Connor, Kylie, Cara, Kirstin and Cody. Each and everyone of them are very different, they all have their flaws and their unique gifts. They all know how to push each others buttons but at the end of the day they all have each others back. They are each others family and what happens to one will have an impact on the others. Just because Cara was the one diagnosed with type 1 did not mean that she was the only one who was affected by type 1 and I think sometimes we as parents forget that. Cara's life was not the only one that took a dramatic change, it affected each and everyone of us all in different ways.

Kailyn is the oldest and because of that she is my helper....if she likes it or not! Since the dx Kailyn has had to help out even more, I spend a lot more time with or doing things for Cara which does take time away from the other kids so unfortunately for Kailyn, she will pick up the slack. She has also expanded her title from my little helper or mom #2 to nurse Kailyn, she has learned to take Cara's BG just in case I'm busy or away and Cara needs to be checked and she knows what to do to correct. Unfortunately this title has followed her to school as well. Since Cara has started JK it seems that the teachers and staff at the school rely on Kailyn sometimes to help out with Cara. Kailyn has also become involved with fundraising for JDRF. Last year she started a sneaker day at her school that was very successful in raising funds and she was looking forward to doing it again this year. Kailyn has grown a lot in this last year.

Connor is a sweet, loving and funny little guy who has his own obstacles to over come. Connor is a worrier at his core so Cara having Diabetes is something that stresses him very much. He and Nana went to the library when Cara was in the hospital during her diagnoses and he learned everything there is to learn. When we got home he told us what happened to Cara's body and how she got diabetes and what we need to do to keep her healthy. From the time that Cara came home he listened to the rules, he understood the rules and he will never let us forget the rules, even when we would like to. He knows what Cara can eat, when she can eat, if he thinks she is eating something that she should not he comes running, yelling "mom Cara is eating something bad". Also he is the first to tell us when HE thinks Cara has high BG. Cara has a tendency to act out and hit and say mean things when her BG hits the 20's and the second Cara does something bad Connor is running, yelling "mom you need to check Cara's blood sugar I think she is high". When Cara is eating Connor is saying "mom make sure to write that down" When we sit down for dinner Connor is telling me "mom make sure to take her blood sugar". He is the watch dog, he always way however, now Cara is his main concern and not that the toilet is going to over flow....but that is another story for another day! lol

Kylie has always been very close with Cara we called them "the girls" when we spoke of them. They did everything together and when Cara was diagnosed Kylie was very sad that she did not have diabetes. I remember one day just after Cara's dx we were getting ready to go out to the community kickoff for the JDRF walk and Kylie said "I wish that I had diabetes". My jaw dropped and I yelled at her almost crying "don't you every say something like that again, diabetes is not something you wish for". She wanted diabetes not because she did not want Cara to go through this by herself but because she did not like all the attention that Cara was getting. Kylie use to get all the attention, she has amazing red hair and the bluest of blue eyes and Cara has brownish hair with brown eyes and every where that those two went Kylie was getting all the complements and attention. Well that all shifted when Cara was diagnosed and Kylie was not to happy with that. She now plays with Connor all the time, they are never apart.

Cara of course has been greatly affected by the dx of T1 and I can't even start to tell you the millions of things that it has and will change in her life. Some of which I do not want to think about at this point. However one thing that it has changed is her anger, which is enhanced with High BG. Cara is now a very anger little girl and because of that her behavior has taken a turn for the worst with hitting and saying mean hurtful things. And in turn this is having a huge effect on Kirstin.

Kirstin is Cara's little sister and Kirstin looks up to Cara, she is always wanting to pal around her and because of that Kirstin is picking up on Cara's bad behavior. When Cara is not feeling good or just a little off she loves to say hurtful things to the kids and sometimes even us. Now Kirstin is repeating them. Cara has become a hitter and now Kirstin is copying her hitting behavior. These two have become the biggest little terrors in the house, you never now what they are up too and if it is quiet it is not good!

And last but not least there is Cody because he is so young and really never knew Cara before T1 this will just be his normal. He will never know any different, his sister has Type 1 diabetes and that is that! It is kinda sad that he never met the Cara before and the freedom and the carefree life that we all had before this. It has changed us all and we will never be the same but we are still together and all healthy and as a mom that is the most important thing! I love my kids :)


Wendy said...

I love this post :)

Your children are beautiful to the core!

So nice getting to know you!

Joanne said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. I loved reading about all your kids and their personalities.

phonelady said...

nicole you must never let losers get to you about leaving nasty comments about owning a candy shop and a child that has t1 . I love your blogs and thefact that you have a candy shop is awesome . we all love you and support you and your efforts . You children are awesome and precious gifts from god .

Amy said...

I am SO glad you wrote this! So true- the whole family is affected by this. Sometimes I forget!
I might have to steal your idea!

Hallie said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with me!! I'm so impressed! I think anyone that can handleore than one child is Super Mom!!! (ok, I know I handle 24 at school but home is way different!). You've got a sweet bunch!!

Meri said...

What sweet cuties! Who would have thunk that our kids would come out different? And not just little clones of each other? I love getting to know your family better. :)

Laura Houston said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family. I loved reading about each child. It is amazing how it changes everything and everyone.

Have a SWEET day. I love that you own a candy shop. Yummy!