Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spoke To Soon.....some more school issues.

When I posted yesterday and said that nothing much has been going on with Cara lately I knew that I should have highlighted that whole sentence and pressed delete.

At 11:00am this morning I received a phone call from Cara's nurse letting me know that when she tested her at school she was 3.2mmols (x by 18 for U.S. #). She mentioned that this was the first time that Cara tested low so she went to Cara's teacher and asked her what was going on with Cara today. The teacher told her that at snack time Cara did not like her snack and she threw it out in the garbage (that is soooo Cara). So Cara did not eat anything for snack and hence the low blood sugar reading. Then the nurse for some reason did not know about or could not find the pack that I had made up for Cara for exactly this reason with juices and snacks all 15 grams when she is running low before getting on the bus. So she ended up giving her the jelly sugar thing that I have in the back pack for emergencies on the bus. I explained to her about the pack that I have at the school, mind you this is like the 5th time that I have brought this up with her and I called the school.

When I spoke to the teacher I mentioned that the nurse was unable to find the pack which the teacher does not understand because it is right out in the open....so I really don't understand that! All I can think off is that something was lost in translation. So then I asked her what happened at snack time with Cara? She began to explain to me that Cara just ate the topping off of her snack and threw the rest of it away and I THOUGHT that it was enough for her to eat. So I again had to explain to her that Cara needs to eat her snack to get her threw the bus ride home before she eats lunch. If you ever have a question or unsure of something please call me. This is Cara's life and I do not like people making decision on guesses. I explained again that Cara needs 15gs of carbs at snack time nothing more (which happened last week or so) and nothing less (which happened today). So I hope that everyone has learned something new from this and it never happens again.

When Cara finally came home I checked her BG and she was 12 perfect. I said to her how was school, she said OK. I asked her if she felt sick at school and the saddest little look came over her face and she said yes. I asked her if she told her teacher and she shook her head no, why not I asked. I don't know she said. I asked her if she told her nurse and the same sad little look came over her and she said no. I said to her "Cara if you ever feel sick you can tell your teacher or your nurse, mom has talk to both of them and they know what to do to make you feel better. OK she said with a smile! POOR LITTLE GIRL! Cara is very good at home telling us if she has an upset belly that is our clue that she is low, the second that she fall's below 5 she starts with a belly ache and we are trying to teach her what that means for her.

The next thought on my mind was the bus ride, we never called the bus company or told the driver about Cara, it's one thing that slipped my mind when dealing with all the school issues. So after I got off the phone with the teacher I called the bus company who told me it is up to the school to inform them of issues like this....HELLO, I'm calling you to inform you of issues like this!!So then I call the school to see if they had informed the bus company about Cara and I'm still waiting to here what is going on about that. Why can nothing be a yes or no it seems that I'm always going around in circles.


Laura Houston said...

Since I am probably the newest d mom on the block in this circle right now I have a fresh perspective. It was only 8 weeks ago that I had NO idea what Type 1 diabetes really meant. No idea. I knew that diabetics took insulin shots and I honestly just assumed that was the end of it. I had no clue that it was a life threatening disease!

The nurse and the teacher are not listening to you - that is unacceptable. But, I am guessing that the teacher might not understand the significance of the 15 carbs at snack time because she does not understand diabetes. The nurse on the other hand should be more informed! Is the nurse an actual RN?

I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I am already nervous about sending Nate to school someday (we withdrew him from preschool after the dx).

Maybe you could send a D book to the teacher and ask her to read it? She needs to understand how important everything you ask her to do it so that mistakes are not made.

People just don't get it!! I wish we didn't have to 'get it' either.

phonelady said...

i think there must be some mass miscommunication going on in this school and that would concern maybe you need to have a sit down with the principal , teacher and nurse . good luck and hope things get better .

Wendy said...


OMGsh...how many times have you talked to them???? Seriously....HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY NEED TO HEAR IT!?!?!?

This is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

Amy said...

Geez......!!! What is it with school nurses NOT doing their job? And the bus company??? Oh..Nicole...I'm sorry. You have every right to be LIVID right now!!!

Shamae said...

Wow. Wow. It's worse than kids not listening. Why don't they get it??? I'm sorry. I hope it clicks with them soon for your sanity's sake and for poor little Cara!

Cara, you have a whole cyberspace full of bloggers who caralot about ya! HUGS LITTLE ONE!

Meri said...

Sweet Cara...kids are smart. They know when someone doesn't care...and she sees it. I hope she feels comfortable to tell her teacher next time, but seriously...giving the emergency gel? Is this nurse for real???!

I'm sorry!
I'm having teacher problems too. I know how nerve racking it is because your child is spending a big chunck of the day with people that are too overwhelmed to care. It'll get better. It always get's better.

Darling16 said...

Sounds like this nurse needs to go back and get some continuing education credits on the topic of type 1 diabetes! Ignorance!

Is there a diabetes educator or diabetes advocate that you can contact to take with you to these meetings?

I had some family members that didn't have a clue when it came to my daughter's care until they spent the whole day with us...it scared them....well it should! Type 1 diabetes is a scary disease! Our little ones are so brave!

Cara shouldn't feel ashamed while she is in school!! The school should be ashamed for treating her this way!

My Olivia will start kindergarten next year....

Nicole said...

Darling 16~ I have brought in a nurse from the diabetic association to educate Cara's teacher and the staff at her school. I think that I have 3 blogs about all the issues surrounding that meeting...it has been a long hard road with the school. I just don't understand why they don't get it??? I have educated them over and over and over again and we are still at the same place we where....grrrr. I will have to keep up the education.

and thanks everyone for all the comments they are very much appreciated. :)