Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What To Do, What To Do....What A Day???

This day has been ridiculous, I hope it ends really soon!! Today I get off the phone with the school, the nurse and the bus company (early post will explain) and I have a message on my voice mail. It says " Hello Nicole it's so and so from the Diabetic Clinic at the hospital (this is where we go for our check ups every 3 months for Cara and we love everyone there) I'm just calling because the Doctor received a phone call from CCAC (this is the agency that paired us up with Cara's nurse for the school) and they are concerned about some high numbers that Cara has been having at school recently, if you can just give me a call back when ever you have time that would be great" HELLO what??? I literally had to listen to the message twice, I could not believe that they are questioning me on my daughters care. I do everything that I'm told to do for that girl and the thought that they are trying to blame me for her highs....like I'm not giving her, her insulin at breakfast time or something....WHAT THE HELL!! Her nurse has called me twice about Cara's BG being in the 20's and I had to explain to her that because no one is able or really no one is willing to check Cara's blood sugar before snack time I always give her a carb snack. We realized soon after Cara started school that her BG dropped dramatically from the time she leaves school to the time she gets home from the bus. The Doctor's orders state that the nurse needs to correct any BG number that is lower then 5, however if her BG is at 10 at school by the time she gets off the bus she is low around 3ish. So I would rather have her a tad high then low on the bus. So I decided to always give her a carb snack even if she does not need one and that is why she is high, not because WE as parents are lazy, not doing our job, don't care, have better things to do in the morning or are just idiots. This just blows my mind so I called the diabetic clinic back explained everything..... THEY understood and that was that!

So now Cara's dad and I are thinking and talking about a more complicated way of dealing with Cara's diabetes at school which I'm sure will blow the minds of Cara's school staff and teachers but at least her nurse and the CCAC will realize that we are taking care of our daughter and they may like her numbers a little more. I just don't know if it will work out? we will see!

On a side note today we took Cara, Connor, Kylie, Kirstin and Cody to get her H1N1 vaccine, they are only giving the vaccine to children 5 and under, or people with underlining health conditions, health care workers, or women who are pregnant. So Kailyn and I will need to wait a little while for our H1N1.... Thinking of Hollie, you have touched so many, even those who never had the chance to meet you.


Laura Houston said...

I think you for sure need the Cafe-Mocha-Vodka-Valium Latte today!!

Praying that things get easier for you soon. :-)

Hallie said...

Ok....(calming down). The school is legally obligated to take care of Cara. They can't choose not to check her bg.b that's just not an option. Period. I think many people are just clueless and truly don't get it but.... That is unacceptable. Don't know what you are thinking but I have some good info- a power point, our 504, Avery's fact sheet that everyone who works with her has a copy of, a bg flow chart telling exactly what to do....I'm willing to share!!! Let me know if you are interested. Have you thought about a diabetes advocate?

Meri said...

I am screaming...loud high pitched screams in my head!!!!!!

That nurse had no business...no business at all...like she has any idea about T1 diabetes, the woman gave your child emergancy gel for a freakin snack! I have many choice words for her right now and am holding myself back for the sake of the innocent eyes that may read this.


WE know you are awesome! WE KNOW!

phonelady said...

Nicole i am so livid it sounds like you are having the same problems I did with my sons school . I never did get it settled and had to put my son in a private school because I could see that these folks I was dealing with did not get it .I still think you should sit down with the principal and the teacher and the nurse . How dare they call the clinic on you ? trying to put the blame elsewhere . I would light a candle under their butt and if they try to keep blaming you I would tell them I will seek legal counsel if you want to keep blaming me for something . I wish you luck cause it sounds like you are dealing with a bunch of class a idiots . Hugs honey

Nicole said...

Halli~ in Canada we do not have the 504 plan, it is up to the principal of the school to define the "care" of the child. They are not obligated and ("not trained" as they say) to check her blood sugar during the morning (she only goes half days). That is why I have a nurse coming into the school to check Cara before she leaves on the bus. The nurse is given to us by the CCAC and they will only send nurses in to schools to give insulin we are actually "lucky" to have a nurse at the school just to check blood sugar #'s. They have denied people before for BG checks.

Hallie said...

Yuk. That stinks. I'm sorry! Will be praying for you!

Rachel said...

Oh man that really sucks! I would have been.... well let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty! :)

I'm sorry that you had to go through that!