Tuesday, February 9, 2010

and the Worst D mom award goes to......

Wendy at life with the Coppers you have some competition.

Recently Wendy awarded herself the most distinguished and coveted award for worst D mom, however she had an very unfair advantage THERE WERE NO OTHER NOMINEES.

So today I realized I would have to throw my hat into this category.

Vote Nicole for the worst D mom award.

It all started one snowy early morning, Nicole and her hubby where sound asleep in their bed when all of a sudden they heard a little voice. It was their son Connor telling them to "wake up, wez gowing to be yate for sqool" Yes they had forgotten to set the alarm. They jumped out of bed, well her husband did, Nicole more or less lazily groaned "maybe it will be a snow day" "there is no snow on the ground" her husband replied "get up"! As she very slowly rolled out of bed, almost falling over on her left pajama pant leg she gathered herself and said "ok we can do this".

There was just enough time to eat breakfast, make lunches, get dressed, brush teeth and hair and send the kids out the door to get the bus.

"WOW we did it", Nicole and her husband looked at each other in amazement.

The day processed without a hitch, quiet a nice, and simple day. Pepe (Nicole's dad) came over to bring Kylie to the bus stop and pick Cara up from the bus. On returning to the house Nicole looked at Cara's meter and it read:

7:22am (breakfast) 7.9 (142.2)
9:34am (snack time at school) 21.3 (383.4)
10:29am (bus time at school) 27.1 (487.4)
11:36am (home from school & lunch) 28.4 (511.2)

Wow Nicole thought that is weird, I wonder what happened?? and she began to think of the "person" responsible for these crazy numbers.

Was it the teacher, she must have let her have a special snack.....NO. Was it her husband, he must have given Cara too many carbs at breakfast.....NO. Was it the nurse, she must have not washed Cara's hands when checking her BG#.....NO. Was it Cara, is she getting sick.....NO.

As Nicole's brain scrambled for more people to blame, she had the most curious feeling. She felt the warmth from her checks which were becoming red, she started to feel the blood rushing threw her veins, heart pumping, panicky OMGosh feeling with a head slamming, heart dropping thought..... it was ME! I forgot to give Cara her insulin at breakfast time.

With this thought brewing in her already confused little brain she tried to replay the events of her rushed morning "did I forget or did I give Cara her insulin at breakfast"? and all at once it became very clear...


There was still some hope, the hope that her husband, the father of her children would have remembered Cara's insulin this morning and therefore she would not be deserving of this nomination for the worst D mom award. After all, they are a team!

Her heart still pumping her hands shaky she dialed his number, the phone rang once then twice then it was official, all hope was lost, Nicole was up the the worst D mom award!

So that is the story,

I Nicole sent my little 4 year old Type 1 diabetic to school without any insulin at breakfast time. This is a school that has no trained individuals to help Cara when things go wrong like this. Since I did not receive a phone call when the nurse checked Cara's blood sugar at snack time when her BG # was already high, they also gave her a snack. I had no idea all morning that I forgot until she came home from school. Poor Cara she must have felt so bad, and her poor body, I hate when she is high!!

I'm not sure where you can cast your votes or when the vote will take place or even if there is anyone else that may be on the nominee list. I do know that I will be working on my acceptance speech vigorously .

And to Wendy, watch out lady you have company!!


Shamae said...

Well I'm sorry about the rough morning but way to put a positive spin on a crappy situation! Ya know what though...we have all been there. I think it's like a dmom rite of passage or something! I can't believe a nurse would check her though and not tell you that number...crazy! She is a nurse!!

Nicole said...

ya it is nuts that the school system expect us to bring our children to a school that is not fit for the care a type 1 needs. I have joined a group to try and change this. I'm working on my letter to my MP (some government person) and hoping to get some support from them to pass a law of standardized care just like you guys have with the 504 plan.

Nicole said...
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Meri said...

Sorry Nicole, I will not support your nomination. It is human to forget...it is plain dumbness not to call you when her number was high. What is the point of checking her if they will not fix any pending issues??

The nurse is way more deserving of the award than you. Sorry, I gotta call it like I see it.

Lora said...

I agree with Meri. They should have called. That is neglecting her needs no matter how you look at it.

BTW though... I've done the same thing :)I may have won the 2009 award... the votes are still being counted.

Reyna said...

Oh Nicole,

DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP Girl! I have forgotten a lunch bolus...and at the time was only responsible for Joe (no other kids around/no chaos).

I sub as a school nurse and find it absurd that they did not call you...Is there a nurse at the school throughout the day? Or is there trained personnel? It was an unfortunate event for sure. I am sure there are enough "Worst D-Mom Awards" to go to all of us...maybe we need categories? xoxo

Nicole said...

Reyna, no we do not have a nurse in the schools. We have arranged for a nurse to come into the school to check Cara's bg #'s twice a day.
We are lucky to have a nurse (that is suppose to be trained but sometimes I think that I should ask for her qualifications)in Cara's school. In Ontario some children have no nurse no one to help no one that really cares about their t1. It is ridicules that is why I joined a group and I'm spending my nights working on a letter for our government to make some needed changes to our school system.

Nicole said...

Here is a little update. I just found out this morning that the nurse checked Cara's bg# told her she could not have a snack, she left the school. While she was gone Cara's teacher gave her the snack!