Monday, February 8, 2010

The big O's and the Dr. without a clue Diabetes episode

OK sooo as we all know Oprah and Dr Oz did a show loosely based on the reality of Diabetes.

First I do have to remind you all that in Dec I wrote the Dr Oz show because I happened to catch his Diabetes episode that I have renamed The Fables of Diabetes.... I was not impressed at all. In this awful episode filled with untruths and misconception about Type 1 Diabetes. He did not once make a distinction between Type 1 or Type 2, it went as far as not even mentioning the terms Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. He only used the term Diabetes through out the long 15 minutes of the episode that I was able to watch before I had to change the channel enraged because of what they had just aired.

As soon as I heard that Oprah was doing a show with Dr. Oz on Diabetes my heart sank. I knew because of what I had seen in December how this was going to go down. So I wrote this to Oprah on her website.

After watching a long 25 minutes of the Oprah show on diabetes these are my feelings:

I was impressed that Oprah did "TRY" to make a distinction between Type 1 and Type 2. She did "TRY" on 3 different occasions that I saw asking Dr. Oz "is this Type 1 or Type 2", "does this happen with Type 1 or Type 2", "does she suffer from Type 1 or Type 2". Each and every time I got my hopes up Dr. Oz opened his big mouth trying to answer Oprah's questions and nonsense, rambling, uneducated BS (whatever you want to call it) came out. The great Dr Oz did not let me down, I called it and it happened, so many mistakes on so many different levels happened on that show.

I just could not believe and still don't, that a DOCTOR doing a show on DIABETES had no idea what he was talking about, pick up a damn book and do some reading!!

Oprah next time you do a show on Diabetes or any subject for that matter get a REAL expert, that knows what he or she is talking about.

Also the next time you do a show on a topic that you may not have a lot or any experience with, you may also want to pick up a book and do a little reading on the subject. It is YOUR show after all and the next time your "expert" guest has no clue you may have an ounce of one!

and of course I wrote another letter:

Hello Oprah and or producers,
My name is Nicole, I have 6 wonderful Children one of which has Type 1 diabetes. I'm sending you this letter that I wrote for my blog, The Ride of our Lives with Type1 Diabetes for Cara's one year anniversary of her Type 1 diagnoses. I hope that this helps you understand that we need to raise accurate awareness for Type1 Diabetes and let the world know that WE ARE HEAR.


I just want the world to understand that Type1 is an autoimmune disease, I non Cara did not do anything to cause these awful disease. There is NO CURE for Type 1 diabetes, eating healthy or getting more exercise will not cure my daughter. Cara's pancreas does not and will not produce insulin any longer. Cara must undergo 4 shot of insulin a day and countless finger pokes to try to ensure a healthy life which is never a guarantee. Everything has changed in our life since the diagnosis, it has effective our whole family and we NEED a cure! However it is very hard to find the support when people think that your child will grow out of it, your child needs to run or exercise more and it was your fault that your child is suffering through this disease. Please truly take the time and consider doing an episode on Type 1 Diabetes.

Cara's mom Nicole Cozad


Mike LeBlanc said...

totally agree ! they could have AT LEAST invited an endocrinologist !

Wendy said...


I love your letters...and I love the part about pointing out how difficult things get when people begin assigning blame to us for our children's dx.

One day at a time, I guess...

phonelady said...

yahoo girl you hit the nail on the head I wish they would ask all of us to come on that show . Us the parents and the ones who are in the clutches of diabetes everyday . Im sure that some of us would put the so called experts to shame the way we juggle and get results . I just wish one of us d parents would get the chance to go on one of these shows and set the record straight.

Lora said...

WOW~ she must have it BAD if she takes 4 shots a day! (I say sarcasticly)

I'm just kidding. Great letter. I can't wait to read the rest on the 13th.

Nicole said...

Ya Lora~ it really concerns me that her pancreas is not producing any insulin at all I think there is something wrong?? According to Dr. Oz her pancreas should be working!! WHATEVER that man knows nothing!!

I can't wait to post my letter on the 13th, I think that you all will really enjoy it :)

Joanne said...

Perfect... great letter and great post.

Thanks for being a persistent voice for all our T1 kiddos!

Hallie said...

You go, Momma!
I guess if these so called experts can't get it right, we'll just have to take matters into our own hands! Proud of you - and can't wait to read your post!

Wendy said...

Great job! I cant wait to read the rest on the 13th..

Nicole said...

hahaha Wendy you threw me for a loop there. I just saw your name and your comment and I thought to myself OK Wendy already commented earlier today , that's kinda weird. Then I looked at the picture lol, it the "new" Wendy!! lol

Thanks :)

Reyna said...

I am anxiously anticipating Saturday's are you feeling coming up on the 1 year anniversary? I remember it being a tough one...xoxo

Nicole said...

Reyan~ I can't wait to share it with everyone...very excited I hope everyone loves it!!

I have A LOT of mixed emotions with Cara's 1 year coming up. They range from being proud of us for doing a great job all year long. To the completely grieving for life before t1. I have a post about it (of course) called the countdown :)

thanks for reading!!