Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oprah and Dr.Oz ....cross your fingers!

Well I did it again, I wrote a letter to the Oprah show, maybe this time I will get answered? HA hmmmm Dr Oz, still waiting on your response to my letter??

If you have not heard Oprah and Dr.Oz are doing a show on Diabetes Thurs Feb 4th on the Oprah show, called America's Silent Killer. The combination of the name, Dr. Oz's last show on diabetes and the fact that a nutritionist and an exercise guru will be making an appearance does not give me much hope that they are going to even touch the topic of Type 1. Worst then that I'm not even sure that the distinction and differences between Type 1 and Typ2 will be discussed. All just adding to the very frustrating and head bounding against the wall feeling that all the misconceptions and misinformation are causing me.

So without further ado here it is my comment to Oprah,

Oprah and Dr.Oz I have recently been informed of your show on diabetes and it made my stomach turn. I am a mother of 6 wonderfully crazy children and on Feb 13th 09 our world was turned upside down. My 4 year old daughter Cara was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in an ER room, after 3 months of on and off "flu" like symptoms, 4 doctor visits, a weight lose drop that brought her back to her previous 24 month baby weight, an awful rash on her bottom, constant peeing and unquenchable thirst. She was very sick and had a blood glucose of 53.2 mmols (957 U.S.A measurement), all four previous doctors missed diagnosed her. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, it is not caused by eating too much sugar, or lack of exercise. There was nothing that we did to cause or could have done to prevent this disease from causing havoc on our little daughters body. Cara NEEDS 4 shots of insulin and countless finger pokes every single day of her life to manage and LIVE with this disease and she will do this over and over until they find a cure. As of right now there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes. More exercise or eating the RIGHT kinds of foods is not a cure for Type 1 diabetes. In December 09 I wrote Dr Oz to express my deep frustration I felt after watching his show on Diabetes, he only reinforced all the misconception for T1. I just pray that you make the distinction between the two and start informing your viewers. Type 1 needs clarification and understanding. Please HELP

This would have been much longer but I was confined to only 1500 characters. If you would like to share you opinion or beg her to send out the proper and right and real information about diabetes you can send it here. I did have to sign up to her site but I figured after the episode aired another letter will be written and sent to her again. Sooo why not sign up??


Meri said...

Thank you for writing this! I'm saving up my wrists for after the show...Praying I don't have to send the big O a letter...but we all know its inevitable!

Nicole said...

I hear that Meri, I'm already thinking of nice, to the point statements to portray my frustration with that episode.
Save those wrists my friend I think you may need them for the after show....unfortunately! and I really hope you get some relief soon!!

Mike LeBlanc said...

Thanks for sending that letter Nicole and sharing. As much as it stinks, I believe that it's our duty as T1 families to educate. Sad that a supposed "doctor" needs to be one of those that needs education.