Thursday, February 11, 2010

Support for Children with Diabetes in Ontario School Update #1.....A Response

I was checking my email inbox when I came across this letter from the Honorable Dwight Duncan my MPP. It is in response to the letter that I had just sent him this morning.

First thought is Boy that was very quick, and I'm very impressed. Well done MPP Dwight Duncan, thank you so much for the quick response to my letter.

My second thought, I'm really not sure how politics do their thing. I have never been involved with any kind of political followings but can anyone tell me what this means? I mean is he with us, does he supports and understands our cause to get the support for our T1 kids in our school system. Or did he have one of his "people" read the letter, type a nice e-mail, and that is that and on to the next letter.

Well I guess that I will have to wait and see, I will keep you all posted!

And again thank you Honorable Dwight Duncan, you have at least done more then Oprah and Dr. Oz has in with regard to responding to my letter.

The letter reads

Dear Ms.....

Thank you for your letter of February 11, 2010 expressing your concern with children living with type 1 diabetes in our school system. Please be assured Mr. Duncan has read your concerns and brought this matter to the attention of the Honourable Leona Dombrowski Minister of Education.

Minister Dombrowski will respond to your concerns directly.


Meri said...

WOW! It sounds to me that he forwarded this email to the person who can make a differece. It sounds encouraging to me. :)

Great job Nicole!!!

Lora said...

Hey, its a start :)

Joanne said...

I agree, it's something... now keep on their backs! I'm impressed you got a response so quickly!

Reyna said...

Keeping my fingers crossed my friend. Sounds are charting new territory.


AjsMommy82 said...

Sounds like a good start!