Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything I Need for Christmas.

The tree is up and the house is getting ready for the 3 huge Christmas parties this year.

We have never hosted a Christmas party before but this year and in this house it just seemed right.  This is going to make our Christmas celebrating a lot easier I hope, with the 6 kids and Cara.  Every year I get so overwhelmed with the thoughts of juggling our time and our big gang with all the parties and events I lose sight at the true meaning of Christmas...Time spent with the people you love. 

I feel the Christmas spirit this year, we have the Christmas music on and I'm even can stop laughing now!!   It's not about scheduling naps around parties or juggling two Christmas parties at once, this year it's all about family and friends coming to us.  This year will be more laid back and enjoyable...I HOPE?!?!.

For many, many years Christmas was a downer, a real stressful time of year.  Lots of running around, lots of arguing about what dress is going to be worn or how hair will be styled, lots of shopping, lots of racing against the clock, lots of focusing on the things that I HAD to DO and NOT doing the things I WANTED to DO, and now with D thrown into the mix it was one more thing to add to the DID I PACK THIS, DO I REALLY NEED TO BRING THIS, OMGOSH WE FORGOT THAT! list's.

But this year I'm hoping to stop this Christmas tradition of stressful holidays.  Everything that we must have and that we might need is right here in our house so I don't have to worry about:
nap times 
being late
finding parking
packing up all 6 kids in there winter jackets a million times in one day
Cara acting shy and attached to my leg
diapers and wipes for Cody with a bottle and change of clothes,
Kirstin's EpiPen in the case of an encounter with the dreaded peanut,
  Cara's meter, meter strips, poker, insulin and needles,
Juice boxes and snacks for lows and sugar free drinks for everything in between,
carb swagging 
and of course the handful of toys that you can go no where without.

This year everything will be right here right where I need it!

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Reyna said...

YAY!!! I want to come over to enjoy some of your baking Nicole!!!

Nicole said...

hahaha I'm not sure about that Reyna? Kylie did not even eat it!! but you are always welcome to stop by anytime :) I can stop at a bakery for some really good sweets if that is all it takes to get a visit from you :)

Meri said...

Genius idea to bring the Christmas party to you! Merry Chrismas Nicole!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Now THAT sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas! Enjoy every moment!

Heather said...

I am so glad you have taken control of your Holiday's. It is something I am trying to do this year and am getting slack from my family. *sigh* I'm so glad someone is in the Holiday spirit.