Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let Her Eat Cake

Boy does it feel weird not adding the NaBloMoPo on my title has only been 30 days and already has become a habit.  Funny how fast a habit can form, something to think about for another post...

It was a very confusing kinda day yesterday. After a peaceful and relatively calm day, no phone calls from the school, the house was clean from a family birthday party for Cara the night before, and I only had the two little ones to watch for the day when the older kids came home from school.  Cara walked in looking a little sad and Kailyn looked not one bit impressed with a little more attitude then normal.  One look at both of them and I knew they had something to say.

Cara was first to the punch, "I didn't get to have cake" she said in her sad little voice, almost a whisper looking at the ground "what, what do you mean?" I said.  Then Kay butted in "YA THE WHOLE CLASS GOT CAKE AND THEY DIDN'T GIVE CARA A PIECE!!".

A letter came home earlier that week explaining that the SK class was going to have a Teddy Bear Day with vegetable soup.  I swaged the carbs for the soup and even added a few crackers in the mix, boy was I feeling like a great D mama. There was no mention of said cake.  Cara's teacher is amazing, she really is! There was  a T1 in her class last year and she really understands the in's and out's of type 1 diabetes.  Another reason why I love this lady so much is whenever she has a question she is usually really good at giving me a call especially when special snacks are introduced into the class because she knows that I want Cara to participate with her peers.  It is a little tough because Cara is still on MDI but we make it work!! 

Well, I thought to myself, this just does not make sense  "did you have a sub?" NO "did she tell you why you could not have cake?" NO "did you ask for a piece" NO.  Hmmmm??? I just have no clue what the hell happened?? Her numbers looked great all day, it's not like she was running too high, I just don't understand! 

But the bigger issue or question that I have is what to do?? I'm a pick your battle kinda gal and I'm just trying to figure out if this is a battle worth fighting or bringing up?  However I would love to know what the thinking was behind this decision that did NOT include me??  I will be sleeping on this one for sure!!



Denise said...

I would at least question it. Makes me sad she missed out. Wonder what the reasoning is that you weren't called.

Rachael said...

That is so sad. Poor kid! That's not nice to leave her out. I can see them looking out for her, but they could have picked up the phone and called you! I hope things work out.... I would at least call and ask her why. Nothing is more hurtful than when a child is treated differently than everyone else, and the other kids notice.

(((HUGS))) to you both and a "cyber" slice of chocolate cake that doesn't mess up a BG reading!

:) Tracie said...

Hmmm......I would stop by class after school and just let the teacher know that with all the Holiday activities coming up, that Cara can have what everyone else has and that you just wanted to make sure she (teacher and room mom or helpers) knew it was ok because Cara's piece of cake was overlooked the other day and it made her feel left out.
If the teacher is really good about it, then she won't be hard to approach about it....right? Maybe time slipped away from her and by the time she remembered, it could've been time to go, so she chalked it up to being too late?
It sucks when our kids have to feel that. Just tell her the cake was yucky anyway! :)

Meri said...

You must ask what her thought process was. Cara deserves and explaination too. ((HUGS)) I know how hard it is to talk to the teacher. :( Even the ones who seem to get it.

Anonymous said...

7/8 K,
really like your blog ;)
thanks mommy <3
Jade and Ben said hiii ;D
and sir,
well really the whole class .. ;D

Reyna said...

I am with Meri, I would bring it up to the teacher to see what exactly happend. It is so hard to talk to those in charge of our children...about something that we are questioning... especially when they do such a great job like Cara's teacher.

I had a similar incident this week...Joe's BGs were 260-400 ALL call... no ketone check. His nurse is usually ALL OVER IT...I wrote a nice note on his log asking that ketones be checked for BGs >240 for >/= 2hours...and I added a "smiley face" for good measure. Hopefully she didn't take offense.

Hallie said...

I'd ask. In a very nice way!! But I'd want to know the reason. Maybe she just spaced. I know I do many, many times during the school day. I'm especially bad about forgetting to NOT put kids on the school bus. I can be told 5 minutes prior to dismissal and then *poof* I mess up. I'm hoping it was something like that....

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Awww, poor kiddo! That's happened to Jack and it's just so sad and so unnecessary.

Maybe just a casual, nice question that starts with something like "Just out of curiosity, what happened..."

Let us know what you decided to do.