Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Christmas Cheer

This Christmas Season defiantly got the best of me and my time.  Between a sick home (blog post to come shortly), getting ready and hosting 3 Christmas parties for family and friends (which was a joy) and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas and of course SANTA, I found my time lacking ... to say the least  

BUT I'm always thinking of you ALL.  So here is a little Christmas song that Kailyn sang and I wanted to share with you to say:



Wendy said...


Such a gorgeous voice!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! And a perfect song choice....

Reyna said...

FANTASTIC Nicole! Thank you for sharing. You must be sooooo proud of her!

I cannot even imagine the 3 parties. You are a ROCK STAR!


Hallie said...

What a lovely voice! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like your holiday was crazy to say the least! Hope it was happy, too!