Monday, December 6, 2010

Pondering The Pasta Problem

What is it about you pasta that Keeps me coming back? 

Why must I do this to myself once a week.
Yes you are nutritious, hearty, and a deliciously quick meal that ALL 6 of my children love and eat every ounce of.
Every time I start to cook you I want to through you out the darn window!!

Yes are a bugger on blood sugar BUT that is not my biggest problem.  
What is up with your nutrition fact?? Sometimes you say "Dry" other brands you say nothing, prepared not prepared...that is the question?!?! there anyone out there who eats DRY noddles for dinner?  I do not believe I have ever went to a restaurant that had a special of the day "Dry Pasta With Wine Sauce" or ever read a recipe that called for taking noddles out of it's package and top with Parmesan...NEVER!!


Obviously you don't understand what dinner prep looks like around this house.  With 6 children and 1 type 1 diabetic it is not pretty!! and your just adding to the mess with your Nutrition Facts, per approximately 1/11 package (85g) dry pasta (for Italpasta spaghettini).  How does this even help all?!?!

I guess that you would like me to measure out 85grams of dry pasta, take out another pan fill with water, add to my stove that only has 4 burners and boil Cara her own special pasta.  Ya thanks for the help!

Everyone else is adding a helping hand around here.   Kraft dinner, I don't even have to weigh it, 3/4 cup prepared of Kraft dinner is 40 grams of carbohydrates.  Knorr Side Kicks, love them and their nutrition facts.  1/2 cup of prepared Side Kicks has 24 carbohydrates.  How about rice?? Uncle Ben's instant premium long grain rice hooks me up too with nutrition facts that make sense 125mls prepared of Uncle Ben's has 24 carbohydrates.

You see there are people out there that actually READ and NEED these nutrition facts, so why don't you help a mom out pasta companies and at the very least STOP WITH THE DRY nutrition facts...PLEASE!!

HERE is a little help, I found a site that breaks the measuring of DRY pasta down for us. National Pasta Association knows how to help this mom out!! 


Denise said...

I think they measure dry cuz the way they are cooked changes the weight and size (more water if overcooked= heavier and bigger)
I fake it and say 7g for 1oz cooked (6g is overcooked) So far that has worked for us.

Amy said...

You are spot on, my dear. I HATE trying to figure out the cooked-end-carb-count for pasta!!!! We end up guestimating :/ which I hate because that is a b-a-d habit.

I say copy and paste this pretty post to an email to Barilla or Creamette or another big wig in the pasta industry.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

*Like* :)

Mike LeBlanc said...

Agreed !! We do 22g for half a cup of Gluten-free rice pasta. Really not sure how that converts to regular pasta though?

Joanne said...

Well said, Nicole! I hate the whole dry measurment thing, although I understand why they have to. Since I use carb factors, I find that using .32 works perfectly almost every time.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I am so with you on this one! Really irks me too!

Reyna said...

The "dry" thing always pissed me are right...who in the heck eats dry-fricken-pasta? I get it with the water thing...but common!

Great post Nicole!

Laura said...

OMG - you are so totally in my brain right now! DRY PASTA - no one eats dry pasta!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I truly don't understand that either...don't all the noodles have the same carbs, how much could that be effected if you're measuring by a cup? I do understand how it's changed when being weighed based on how much water is in the noodle or not (al dente, soft...etc), but really if Annies Mac and Cheese has a clear concise nutritional label would one on Barilla noodles be too tough?!