Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas 2 Weeks Before Christmas...

Twas 2 weeks before Christmas and all through the house, everything was a steering especially our tummies.

That's right 2 weeks before the big day, with tons of Christmas shopping to complete, a million items yet to checked off a growing "to do" list, the flu hits the house. Kylie was the first and once the flu enters this house
we are ALL screwed. Three days after Kylie started Cody, Kirstin and Cara were next all within hours of each other, with Connor and I soon to follow then my husband and last but not least Kailyn.

This was our second sick day with vomiting and D.

And I kicked BUTT...this time!

At first I went into panic mode, our first sick day ended us in the hospital. Which was barely any help. But with a facebook status update and all my D peeps sending support and their favorite sick day tips I was armed and ready for this battle. It's just amazing how much support I have around me and my family with the internet, I really do not know what I would have done without being able to reach out to so many knowledgeable, helpful people. You see our last sick day in the hospital did not go so well. With doctors and nurses continually questioning what to do with Cara and trying to figure out the best way to take care of her, it really was very nerve racking. They questioned every move they made with Cara's treatment and sent us home with HIGH Ketones, I'm not even sure they had any idea what to do about the Ketones. I was just happy to get out the hell out of there before they ended up making a "mistake" that could have cost my daughter her life.

It was then when I realized how lacking type 1 info and education is in our area and I'm so thankful to have the DOC to fill in the blanks.

Through out the night Cara was continually vomiting, but we kept her hydrated with flip flopping sugar-free drinks and Gatorade depending on her blood sugar numbers.  We kept her ketones down and our guessed  insulin amounts worked out wonderfully.  We were not chasing lows or treating highs, everything just seemed to fall into place. I felt this sense of pride and accomplishment.  In the morning I talked to our diabetic clinic to go over our next steps for the days to come.  They also wanted me to know if Cara ever is vomiting through out the night I really should bring her into to the hospital...I just smiled and nodded although I was on the phone and they could not see me and kept on with the conversation at hand, what to look out for next...  

The following few weeks after the flu we needed to cut all her insulin in half, I'm not sure why this happens but I have read about this from many people.  Once the flu is over you are fighting lows for weeks.  We are just now getting our insulin units to where they were before the flu.     


Rachael said...

WAY TO KICK BUTT!!!! It sucks when you feel like crap, and have to take care of someone else that is feeling it too! Especially a D child! I am glad to hear things are going better, and hope this is the last sickness of the season! (((HUGS)))

Amy said...

You make it all seem so easy!!!!!! So, when we have our first puke flu, I can give you a call and you'll pop right over, right?!

Seriously, Nice job Mama.

btw, we are a family who also ALL get sick when 1 walks in the door with the icky germs. We must love each other lots! ;)

htimm=) said...

Great job! Sick days are yucky especially when vomiting is involved. You did awesome!