Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A1C Time

Once again it is A1C time and I'm freaking the hell out. 

As you may remember I did a VLOG of our last A1C results.  We have been sitting in the 10s FOREVER as in for about 1 year.  This is one of the main reasons we fought so hard to get Cara on a pump, better technology = better control and better A1C...right...I sure hope!!

The last A1C was our first A1C after only 1 month of pumping and I was SURE that we were going to see a difference in Cara's numbers...I was so sure I decided to video tape my excitement when the doctors told us we were finally out of the 10s.  This of course did not happen and I cried...scratch that I SOBBED.  It was a blow to say the least...

My brain tells me as well as all my wonderful DOC friends that an A1C is only a number that will give us information about what we need to do next for Cara.  But my heart tells my that this darn A1C is a measure of how GOOD you are as a T1 mom.

And this T1 mom is SICK of getting my A1C ass kick by T1D.

So today I will wait by my phone, fingers crossed with a butterfly floating stomach waiting for my husband to call and fill me in with what the Endo said.

UGH I hate this...   


Misty said...

Hope you hear good news! No matter what-you are a great mom :)

The DL said...

Fingers crossed!