Friday, December 9, 2011

A Few Bullet Points Made This Week

Once again we found a way in postponing Connor Ryan's blood work for TrialNet (he's not complaining).  If you don't remember he has tested positive for 1 antibody during his TrialNet screening so they asked for a re-test to confirm.  For some reason it is taking us forever to get him there...UGH soon, I promise!!


Once again I reaffirmed a trend in Cara's diabetes.  Diabetes and tap dance makes for a low Cara during the middle of the night.  However for some reason I keep on forgetting all about this trend that I rediscover week in and week out.  Every Thursday night at my 2:30am check I seem surprised with the fact Cara is low, with a "FUD" and an eye roll I run and grab sugar.  What is the good in realizing these things if your not going to use the information. 

Note to self for next Thursday: REMEMBER to add a few extra carbs during bedtime snack and Cara will be all set.  Maybe I should tie a ribbon around my pinkie?  


I totally think I just made up a new diabetes term FUD...F U Diabetes :) LOVE IT and it makes you feel soooo good saying it.  Everybody now FFFFUUUUDDD!  

Oh ya,

Just to make this week even better my 3 year old potty trained Cody has peed on my floor twice this week (YES my dear Laura, you are not alone).  The first time he was wearing roller blades (yes, my children like to roller blade in my house) which limits his speed tremendously.  He is very cautious and slow on these things and he was just unable to make it.  However the second time I have NO IDEA what that kid was thinking because he was on the computer playing games one minute and peeing in his pants and on MY FLOOR the next.  Why bother to pee in a toilet when you can finish your Buzz and Woody game while peeing on the floor??

On the topic of Woody...could you NOT have found a better name for a child's toy "Cody where's your Woody?"  "Cody grab your Woody"  "Oh Cody, you love your Woody" " Cara can you grab Cody's Woody" Ya great job Toy Story!!

OK back to diabetes:

I have "met" 2 wonderful and local families with children who were newly diagnosed this week.  One family has a little girl the same age as Cara and I'm sure we will met up for a play date soon.  Cara loves seeing all her computer t1 buddies, she knows everyone by name and we talk about them all the time but I would love for her to have a friend that she can play with IRL with diabetes.  Both of these families were in my thoughts a lot this week.

Lastly something new:

I got a phone call from the school the other day telling me that they saw blood in Cara's tubing.  Well, they said line but meant tubing.  I was thrown a bit for the first 2 minutes of the conversation something about Cara and blood in the line, I had no idea what was going on.  But I finally realized "the line" was her pump tubing.  This was the first time this has happened to us. Of course I relied on my facebook peeps to give me some insight on ideas of dealing with this.  By the time she got home however the blood was gone and her blood sugar was in range with no issues soooo I respectfully ignored my amazing facebook peeps advice (love you all) to pull the site.  I kept a very close eye on it for the rest of the night and we had no more problems and no more blood.??? I have no clue?? 

Which also reminds me we need to order some more sure T site.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Rachael said...

FUD is my new favorite word!!!!! :D

NikDuck said...

Ha the term FUD! Glad to hear Cara may have a new t1 friend to play with irl. BTW, I just friended you on facebook, in case you don't recognize my last name.

Sara said...

Oh FUD!!

Love it! :)

Amanda said...


sky0138 said...

omg i LOVE FUD! and i literally Laughed Out Loud at the Woody Toy Story part...SO TRUE!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Could have totally used FUD three times last night! Oh, well...there's always today!! ;)
Hilarious about Woody...I've thought it was an 'odd' name many times!