Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not To Sure About the Sure-T Anymore MIO

We have been using the Medtronic Sure-T's sets since we started pumping.  There were two main reasons for that:

1. Our D team thought that the fine steal needle would be better for Cara because she is very thin and muscular therefore decreasing our chances of kinking what is a cannula on other sets.


2. We all thought that Cara would find the other sets with insertion devises too scary looking and therefore fight us more during site change then with the basic look of the Sure-T.

We have loved our experience with the sure-T's.  Cara still fights us to the death at site change time but other then that we have had no real issues.  However I have started to notices that Cara is often complaining about her site bothering her.  I sometimes get phone calls from the school telling me that Cara says her site is hurting.  I nicely tell them to get her back to class and tell her she is fine.  I never was sure if the site was really causing the pain or if Cara just wanted to take a nice stroll to the office.

Last Sunday we found ourselves in a bit of a predicament, we were out of sites...out of sure-T sites that is.  We had 2 brand new Mio site that our Medtronic rep had given to us when we started pumping.

Hmmmm...we thought about it for a few seconds, should we give it a try??

YEP!!  I jumped on YouTube and watched a young man insert a Mio site.  (I'm sure my D clinic will be very happy to hear that!!)

Cara was very excited about the whole pink set, she does have a LOVE for that colour.  As I got everything ready I started to panic.  I did not want this to hurt more then the Sure-T's, I was not 100%  on what I was really doing and once out of her bath the novelty of the colour pink was starting to wear off and the anxiety of the sound of the insertion device was becoming more of a concern for Cara. 

My husband held her down (hugged her tightly) as I bribed her with a trip to the dollar store if she would stop screaming and would hold still, that of course did not work!  Time was ticking away, with me not feeling sure of what the hell I was doing and Cara waving her whole body up and down I starting to freak the F out.  At one point my husband asked if I wanted him to push the button to dislodge the devise.  "NO, I can do this.  Just hold her still"  As I disinfected the area, found "the spot" and closed my eyes (YES I CLOSED MY EYES) I pressed the sides of the insertion devise and POP the Mio was in. Thank GOD!! I thought I was going to break down and cry.

Once everything was said and done Cara was over it and she said that it only hurt for a second.  Of course she couldn't wait to show her nurse her new PINK site at school tomorrow.  I asked her if it felt better then the sure T's and she said YES, I was shocked about that.  And guess what, it has been two days and I have not had a call from the school saying Cara's site is bothering her.

So here is the big question do we switch?
and here is the big answer...I don't know?

It has only been two days on the Mio and I will have to see how the second site change goes before I'm completely convinced that she likes that Mio better then the sure T's.

Another issue is the cost.  On the Medtronic of Canada website

A box of 10 Mio's is $215.00

A box of 10 Sure T's is $168.00 

We do site change every 3 days, which means for people that don't know a new site every 3 days (or sooner if there are any issues with the site)

So there is about a $500 difference a year...

Ummm at that price she better be the best behaved diabetic child EVER at site change.  Next site change is Wednesday (tomorrow) we will see how that goes...

I personally really liked the Mio :)


Kylie M-W said...

Hi Nicole,

We love love love the Mios here! Before, we were using Quick sets, which are good, but not as good as the Mios. Although I've never tried the Sure-Ts, I have to agree with Cara... that sounds like it hurts! The canula hurts only a little, but I can't imagine how much the Sure-Ts must hurt, especially to someone that little. Once she gets more used to the Mios and the little "pop" sound, I would guess site changes will get easier. Good luck to both of you!


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I like the pink one too!!!!!!

sky0138 said...

We are on Animas, but from what I can tell of the picture...they look like the Inset2's that we use. Emma LOVES them (especially the pink too...lol) and never had issues with them falling out or hurting her yet. Have you checked out diabetesexpress.ca? I know they tend to be a little cheaper than many places. Good luck with your decision!

Rachael said...

My son loves the Mio of course we are using the blue :) I hope the next site change with the Mio is better for you and Cara! Good Luck

Sarah said...

I think with d you definitely have to find what works for your child (and family so site changes aren't too horrible)..for us Sure-T's are the answer, however I am beginning to wonder if we need to do both as the only place they aren't hurting Isaac are his bum. So much for site rotation, right?! Glad to know she liked the Mio more, we'll have to call our rep :)

Wendy Rose said...

We love the Insets, and I don't think it's any coincidence that MM introduced the Mio...which is almost identical to them.

Either way, it's always nice to have OPTIONS!

Alexis Nicole said...

Justice can't use anything plastic because of how lean he is + an allergy I think. We use Animas' version of Sure Ts and love them!

May I ask where you're putting the sites? We cannot do belly at all, just too lean.

We use tush, love handles and back of arms with great results. Good luck mama!

Nicole said...

Lexi you do the same spots. Cara will not let us near her tummy or legs. So tush/ and arms are it for us :) She likes her tush the best. I seem to get a lot of complaints using the sure T's on the arm when she hits it or if someone grabs her by the arm.

Rachael said...

Good luck! I have been using the Animas version of those steel sets, and I am looking to change too!

Hope you are having a great Christmas Season! :)

shannon said...

my daughter used silhouettes for the first 6-12 months, and then we switched to the mios, and she loves them. also, when she was at D camp last summer, she learned to put her own sites in, which i doubt would have happened without the mio (since it's kinda automatic, you know?)