Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where's Cara?

On Friday Cara came running threw the door yelling for me "mommy, mommy" she said

Panic was my first reaction (as usual when Cara is not right by my side)  but by the tone and excitement in her voice I soon calmed myself down and was all smiles waiting to see what she was so happy about.

and the following conversation went as followed:

Cara: "mommy I got my class picture"  (she had the biggest smile on her face as she pulled out the picture to show me)

Me:  "You did, let me see"

Cara: "OK...Oh ya, but I'm not in it"

Me: "What?"

Cara: "I'm not in it!!!"

Me:  "Why not?"

Cara: "Because I was taking my blood sugar"

Now before you get all mother bear at the school like I was about to (trust me mama bear was about to explode when I heard the first part of this conversation) you must hear the whole story.

It seems that someone finally realized that Cara was not in the first picture (kinda weird but whatever) and asked the photographer to take another picture of the class with Cara in it.  He did, and the teacher made it a point to tell him that they needed to have the second picture printed, the one with the WHOLE class in it.

Well I guess he forgot and the whole class received the picture without Cara.

Cara reassured me not to worry, her teacher was going to take care of it.

The teacher reassured me not to worry the secretary has made a call to the company she wrote in Cara's agenda.  

So I'm not worried... just hopeful that D does not take the simplest of pleasures and memories away from Cara's grade 1 experience.


Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

GIRL - I was about to go all mother bear fo sho! I love Cara! And you my pretty SW! :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the warning, because my hairs were standing on edge!!!!

Thankful for a teacher who recognized the dilemma...hope that photog gets it done soon :)

The DL said...

I almost started to freak out! Glad they will take care of this for you!!