Monday, March 12, 2012

Another 1st This Week, A Bent Cannula

It seems like this week we have checked off a few 1st on our to-do list of diabetes:

1.  Cara's very first belly site and now

2.  Our very first bent cannula.  YUP! it's not a good first but I have been waiting for this one since we started using the Mio's.  As I understand it is a part of pumping with diabetes.

I kept reading and seeing post about this up- to- now elusive bent cannula.  Every time Cara would have a run of high numbers in the back of my mind I thought to myself perhaps a bent cannula? and it never was.


Late, very very late last night Cara was hovering around the 17's, 18's (306) all night no matter how much insulin we pumped into her.  After going through all the possibilities, she could be getting sick, or we could have over corrected a low, or we could have carb counted dinner wrong we decided (after much discussion) that we should just do a site change.  And what did we find?

A bent cannula, truthfully I almost started to laugh...finally!  My husband and I check it out in complete awe.  Cara however was not as impressed!  She was high, tired and getting prepared for a day early site change...NOT A HAPPY GIRL!

But her day seems to be getting worse that bent cannula and lack of insulin in Cara's body seems to be causing some troubles this morning.

She has ketones
She is vomiting
She still has high bg numbers (just now getting them down)

The poor thing is lying in bed watching Gnomeo and Juliet with the volume off.  I don't quite understand what it is about the volume?? BUT one thing I do know is we do what she wants when she is feeling like this.

Not a good way to start March Break...stupid bent cannula...UGH!

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NikDuck said...

I'm so sorry you had to have this first! Poor Cara that she is feeling so awful. Interesting about the volume. Before Natalie was diagnosed, she was super sensitive to things that were loud. At school she would cry and cry when the kids were loud, or during singing time, anything with noise and she would actually cover her ears. I've wondered what it is about the noise. All I could think was that when I don't feel good, I do just want to escape and have quiet...who know?! Hope she is feeling better soon!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Yuck! Bad enough to have a bent cannula, but one that caused so much crap for Cara is adding insult to injury!
Hope she's back to 'normal' soon!!!

sky0138 said...

UGH is right! Haven't had a bent cannula experience yet here thankfully...hope Cara is feeling better now and ketones have left the building! xoxo

Nicole said...

Cara is feeling much better thank you all. It took all morning and a little part of the afternoon for her to feel back to "normal" but she is OK!