Monday, March 19, 2012

March Break Discoveries

Having all 6 kids home for March Break and no vacation planned or anything special to do with them was kinda HELL :) but we made the best of it and I think they had a lot of fun just hanging out.

The kids love bike riding in our new neighbourhood.  It sure caused a lot of lows for Cara but it kept us busy, allowed us to meet our new neighbours and gave us a chance to make new friends.  And guess what we learned? seems like we are not the only type 1 family on our new street.

I have not yet met this family however as soon as Connor told me I wanted to run right over and introduce myself but I must compose myself first or they're going to see what a nut I am.  When I meet new people with type 1 my face lights up, I get a HUGE smile on my face and I just want to squeeze them.  Come to think about it I must look just the way Cara looks when she hears of them too.  Cara LOVES to meet type 1's, she just loves it! 

The really funny thing is Connor was not 100% sure if his new friend had type 1 or not.  Here is how our conversation went.
Connor: "Oh mom, I think that (new friend #2) has type 1 diabetes."
Me: "You do, why do you think that? Did he say he has type 1 or did you just hear something?" 
Connor:" Well, he said that he has type 1 too after I told him about Cara.  He ask if she uses a pump and I told him ya.  Then he said he used to use a pump but now he is back on shots...but I don't know if he is joking or not? 
Me: (with a huge smile on my face) "Well Connor I would say he has Type 1"

It's just so funny that my kids don't get that people just don't speak diabetes if they don't have diabetes.

On Sunday our new "possible" type 1 friend was sick and was unable to play Kylie replied "Oh no he must have those darn Ketones"

This week we also found something pretty cool at our local Mac's (convenience store) a Crystal Light slushy.  Cara loves it!



Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Yeah, my guess is he totally has don't talk shots and pumps if you don't!!
Hope you are able to make a connection soon. Sounds like things are fab in the new place!!

Sarah said...

whoo hoo! Sounds like a great march break :) And slushies to boot, yippee!

Misty said...

The good news is that you made it through break :) Love the conversation about the "possible T1" friend. I will hear my kids "talking T1" to other kids, who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. It's a bitter-sweet moment :)