Thursday, March 8, 2012

What would a cure to diabetes mean to you?

So I did something I never really do.  I just entered a contest but more then a contest I wanted to use this as a way for me to get out of my funky writers block.  With our recent move, the kids, my feelings about diabetes lately (angry) and sicknesses it has been hard to will myself back to my blog.

So when I saw this contest on my facebook home page today I thought why not, I know what a cure for Type 1 Diabetes would mean to me, hell I think we all have very similar thoughts on this.

I'm a little behind the 8 ball (as they say) people started sharing and voting for their "What would a cure to diabetes mean to you?" submissions Jan 30 and voting is only opened until the 21st of March so I need a little help :) If you can please vote and share that would be grrrreat!!:) So click on the link below, read my thoughts on this subject and please vote...THANK YOU!!

What would a cure to diabetes mean to you? Share your story & you could win an Apple iPad2.

This contest is being run by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

To me a cure for diabetes would mean freedom. Freedom from the heavy burdens of diabetes. Freedom from the highs and the lows, from the relentless threats of health risks and complications. A cure would mean freedom from the constant worrying; a chance for a quiet mind, a spontaneous action and dinner once again would be about family. There would be freedom from the clock and living our lives in two hour increments. A cure would mean freedom from the fears which propels sleeping parents and spouses to wake during the night. A cure would mean freedom from the tools of diabetes. No need for meters or strips, freedom from beeps and timers, no more pumps, sets, sites or tubing. No need to inject insulin 4 or more times a day. The bruising would fade and delicate skin would heal. A cure would mean freedom from all the numbers, no more carb counting or ratio calculations, 1+1 once again would =2 and would not be affected by the ever changing variables. For this mother of a child who has type 1 diabetes a cure would mean freedom from a phone that for now does not leave my side while my daughter is away at school. Most importantly for my 6 year old daughter a cure would mean freedom to live her life like everyone else. Nicole


Rachael said...

voted! hope you win!

Nicole said...

Thanks so much :)

Reyna said...

"Freedom" fo' sho'. I am heading to vote now my dear friend!!!