Thursday, October 4, 2012

Results Time For Connor

The results are in for Connor...well kinda?!?!

Let me break it down for you:

TrialNet Test #1: Connor was the only one in our family of 8 that tested positive for 1 of the autoanitbodies that TrialNet tests for.  We were asked to do a confirmation blood test.

TrialNet Test #2: Connor again came back positive for the MIAA autoantibody.  We were asked to do a 2 hour Oral Glucose Tolerant Test.

TrialNet Test #3: The results just came in and the nurse needed to consult with the Doctor.  Connor came back negative for all autoanitbodies during this test.  They are a bit confused at this result and really had nothing to tell me...except they want to do another blood test.  I asked for Connor's A1c which was 5.6% and he's blood glucose was in range through the whole 2 hour test, peaking at 8.0mmols at the half-an-hour mark.

My thoughts:  When the test(s) come back negative it is a great relieve and something that has helped this mom of 5 non D's feel a little bit better every day.  However when the test comes back positive, well that is a different story.  The worrying is a b!tch (as many of us know) and to have a confirmed positive that the worrying may be justified just outright sucks.  For me this whole 1 year of testing, waiting and worrying has really given me nothing in the end...except for maybe a few years off my life (that's a joke!!) I'm sure I would feel completely different if these results ended up with some short of answers but for now there will be no more testing for my kids.

I can wait and worry and watch all on my own. We will see if my opinion changes in the end but for now that is where I am at in my situation.

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Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Well I'm glad that your third round of tests were negative.

We decided that my husband and I would be tested, but that we wouldn't test our son for now. I just wasn't sure I wanted to know if he had an antibody which may or may not cause him to have diabetes at some point.

Hopefully you can get some relief now! I bet those first two test did take a few years off of you!

NikDuck said...

Thanks for this post. Gosh, I can imagine the roller coaster of emotions you have felt for the past year....doesn't seem fair! I initially decided we would not test our non-d kid, but then wondered maybe we should?? This confirms we will just keep watching and not put him or ourselves through all that. Just crazy they can't give you straight answers after all that!! Sorry you have to go through this.

Kelly said...

Ohh man. Im so sorry you have been put through so much worry! I really want my older daughter to participate, yet at the same time there is always that 1% which says you dont follow the "rules" so for now, we just kinda say forget the testing cuz I worry enough even without it! YAY for no more testing!

Krissy McMomma said...

This is fabulous news - I am so happy for you and Connor and your whole family.

Lora said...

We have never been tested... I don't want to live life waiting for it to happen(if one of us tested positive). I don't need to know... Too stressful.

Sara said...

Well that's confusing!

Do they have any idea why he had antibodies and now he doesn't? Can that happen?