Friday, October 12, 2012

Running and Diabetes Question???

As you may have read Cara (almost 7) has started her cross country training. No big surprise that she is going to be a runner, I mean the form on that kid...she runs like her dad.

This is our first experiment (if you will) with Cara, running and diabetes and I need to make a few changes but I'm just not 100% sure what I want/should do.

This Is What We Are Doing Now:

Cara has a nurse coming into the school 3 times a day to bolus her every time she eats.  Running is at last recces, the nurse comes in before that for pm snack.  She covers Cara's snack like normal, corrects any high bg, Cara eats her snack.  Right before she runs Cara has 7carbs (Canadian rockets) uncovered.  As per her coach they are running for about 10-15mins give or take a few.

Cara comes home and her bg is usually around 8mmols (144) .  Now usually when she comes home from school she wants a snack that I always bolus for that however when she is running earlier that day I give her 15-25 carbs uncovered. At about the 1.5 hour mark after she gets home so maybe about 2-2.5 hours after she runs even with the 7 free carbs prior to running and 15-25 carbs she eats after she gets home is going low.  She seems to be hitting the 2's a lot right before dinner.

So I'm thinking of maybe not covering her pm snack on running days at all to fix the lows? and maybe I should be running a temp basal on running day in the afternoon?

Any suggestions? advice? running is new to us so anything you have to offer would be wonderful and helpful.  Thanks!! 


Kelly said...

Back before "D" robbed me of my sleep I used to be a runner...I would set a temp basal (-30%) to start around 3 hours AFTER the run (thats when I start to head south) and it worked like a charm! Of course, if she ends up being more hungry because of the extra exercise and need for calories, you might have to knock some carbs off the boluses on running days too! For me I would head south for the next 24 hours! UGH! I hope you get it figured out quickly!

Lizzie said...

Whenever I run, I do a temp basal of 50% starting an hour before. It works great for all distance of runs for me from a mile or two to the half marathons that I run.

Kylie M-W said...

I run and I have T1D. What I usually do before running (about 0.5-1 hrs before) is I have two foods with carbs:

-One with fast acting carbs like rockets, dextabs, or juice (to help with the lows while running)
-One with slower acting carbs like crackers or a granola bar (to help with the lows later)

Both of these are uncovered. I do usually run for at least 30 minutes, though, so Cara is running for less time than I am. What I would watch out for is not spiking her too high before she runs because running with a really high BG (for me, anything over 12.0) can feel pretty crappy.

Hope this helps. Have a great weekend :)

Kate said...

I usually use a temp basal instead of uncovered carbs, but that's just me. I also find that exercise can make my blood sugar go up at first and then drop a few hours later. Maybe try uncovered carbs and a temp basal? It's kind of trial and error for a while.

Reyna said...

We do a lot of "uncovered carbs" for Joe's shennanigans. The temp basals are helpful if the carbs aren't cutting it. Good luck!!!!

Sara said...

Have you talked to Wendy Rose? Her daughter just started cross country running too. Maybe you two can brainstorm together.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

My daughter usually has 15 carbs uncovered before exercise. If she exercises late afternoon or evening, she often goes low about 1 or 2am.

Anonymous said...

In the back of Gary Scheiner's Think Like a Pancreas is a chart which I found to work pretty well for us. It gives each exercise, it's intesity, light, moderate or heavy and suggests the EXCARBS needed to eat for each hour or half hour of that particular exercise. And suggested temp basals in the book (we use minus 30 for each hour of exercise, plus one hour after exercise). And nights she will drop so minus 20 usually. But it's different for each kid and each exercise. I would probably give 20 grams before exercise, not 7. But 7 is working for you. So maybe I would try covering half the snack and keep maybe a minus 20 temp on for two hours post running?