Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thank You For Excepting HER DIABETESNESS

Yes, it's that time of year again when all us AMAZING Canadians take a little time to count our blessings and show our thankfulness for all we have.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.

And of course, I have a very long list of greatness to be thankful for:
  • my family
  • our health
  • my friends
  • YOU
  • chocolate
  • wine
  • laughter
But this post, this post has been long over due. This post is about FRIENDS, no, not my friends (love you all), but about Cara's friends.

Cara is soon- to- be 8 years old, I really still can't believe it!  And for a soon- to- be 8 year old, friends are extremely important... as we are learning :) And this girl is one lucky little diabetic, let me tell you!

She is surrounded by amazing friends and their wonderful families...and I'm so so thankful for this!

You know, it's funny, people are so quick to write kids off, but they are some of the most insightful, compassionate, empathetic, smart people in this world.  Seriously, listen to kids talk, they really pick up on things that we adults seem to miss.  

I first noticed this blessing I believe last year, around this time when attending M's Halloween party.  The girls (Cara's classmates) all wanted to play tickle tag and M stopped everyone and said "wait, we can't play that because we might pull Cara's tube off" and my heart melted. No one complained, they just went back to brainstorming games that Cara could play.  Of course, I told M and the girls that her tubing would be fine, so no worries everyone can play tickle tag. 

M and Cara have been inspiring friends, they support each other, they watch out for each other.  They are great together! M almost got her blood sugar taken one day as they were playing Xbox 360.  With their backs towards me, I pulled a hand up in order to take "Cara's" blood sugar and luckily M quickly turned and looked at me like "what the hell are you doing".  We all laughed, a good laugh and moved on and guess what? She still comes over for play that's a true friend!!

Cara's friends don't see Cara any different in a negative way HOWEVER, I do think she gets a little more attention than most of the girls in her class.  The amount of birthday invites she has received this year already proves that!!

Play dates are now becoming a big part of Cara's life and we are very much pushed outside our comfort zone handing over control to our daughter.  But we are doing it, and it is allowing Cara to grow and understand how to better understand her diabetes.  These play dates give her the chance to learn how to express her needs and ask others for help.  On these play dates if anything diabetes comes up, if they are going to eat or if she feels low, she must figure out what to do and when, and if she can't do what she needs, she is learning when and how to ask for help.  These are all things that she would not be learning if she was by my side I would like ;)

I'm so thankful for her friends parents for being brave enough to open their home to Cara.  To take on diabetes care for the hours Cara is with them must be extremely nerve wracking but they do it and they do it so well.

Just today Cara was at her friend A's house.  We dropped her off for a few hour play date which turned into a few hour play date and a trip to the pumpkin patch.  It truly blows my mind what people will do for Cara even with our diabetes life thrown into the mix.

This past June was our 5th year walking for the JDRF and this year Cara really wanted to invite her classmates to the walk.  I thought to myself, ugh, she is going to be so disappointed when no one shows up, but she insisted and so we did.  I was blown away with the response we received, 5 families came out and walked with us that day and another family sent a donation to school for Cara. 

Cara was so excited to have her friends there with us on HER day. 

To feel this support and love by your friends and their families is, well, there is no other word then AMAZING!!  It's amazing that these families are blessing my girl with these memories when it would be so much easier to not invite her or not get involved. There is such a sense of acceptance and understanding and willingness to learn. 

I don't think they truly understand the impact they have on Cara.  It's not just the acceptance and feeling good because you have friends and people who like you...we all need that! But it's so much more.  They are shaping the way Cara views her type 1 diabetes.  I don't think they truly understand how important it is for Cara to feel excepted both for herself and for her diabetes, they are a big part of Cara growing into a well-rounded, confident, HEALTHY young lady with diabetes. 

They are teaching her it's okay to have type 1 diabetes, type 1 diabetes does not affect the way we see you.   Cara doesn't have to hide her diabetes, she doesn't have to keep it a secret, she doesn't feel shamed or judged or even out of place around her friends because they love her and her diabetesness.


Have a wonderful weekend my friends <3


Joanne said...

Awesome... Love hearing about good kids!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stacy said...

Posts like this really warm my heart!

Happy Thanksgiving

Marjorie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ann Pitre said...

Beautifully written!